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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baseball Party/Campout

I can't express how proud I am of Jeff and the job he did coaching Carter's baseball team this year. He was so patient with the boys and always looked for the best in what they did. They won three games and lost more than that, but everyone had a good time. When Jeff told me that he would like to have a campout with his team, I was more than happy to make it happen! The boys may not remember much about the games this season, but they will remember this campout. I know we will!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Best Parties....

...are the unplanned ones!Thanks, Chelita, for calling to ask if I would "babysit" you and the boys...haha!! It was a great day! I think we did a good job cooking outside!!
Oh yeah.....I better not see any strange videos of me on utube!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Weekend Away

We spent Saturday at a water park.We were all worn out from the water park. We went back to the hotel to rest before going back out and ended up taking long naps...well, everyone but me. Carter fought it as long as he could but finally gave up! We went to the boardwalk to eat that night. We wanted to eat at Joe's Crabshack, but it was too crowded. This was our first time to go to this boardwalk...we enjoyed it so much. We did finally get to eat at Joe's on Sunday before going to the science museum. We've been to this museum many times before, but they've done a lot of work on it since the last time we went. We also saw an IMAX movie while we were there. As always, we enjoyed just getting away from everything for a couple of days!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Think He Likes It!!

I wonder if he is dreaming about baseball tonight? Thankyou, PawPaw Larry, for Carter's new hat and for being there for him this week at baseball camp. He is so lucky to have you....we all are. Carter had an amazing time at baseball camp this week. This was his first year to do the full day camp. I didn't know how he would handle 7 hours a day for four days, but he did well and had such a great time. He was so tired by the last day that he actually fell asleep during one of his 20 minute breaks :). We didn't have to tell him when to go to bed tonight!! Baseball camp was a fun way to end a great baseball season. Jeff and I are having a campout for the baseball team this weekend...how fun :)!!!

Bible School 2009

We had Bible School at our church last week. This was Madison's first time to do Bible School as a youth. The youth do not have their own classes...they serve as helpers. Madison was my helper in preschool recreation. I really thought going into it that working with the preschoolers, especially doing recreation, would be hard. I found out that they are actually easier than the older kids because they just love anything that you do with them. On the first day, we just put out sidewalk chalk, water, and paintbrushes. It was amazing to see how how long the kids would sit and paint on the sidewalk with water :). We took bubbles on the second day. One day we poured out four bags of balloons in a big room and just let the 1-3 year olds do what they wanted with them...they LOVED it. We also played some games with the older preschoolers. It turned out to be a very fun week :). My niece, Kinley, spent the week with us and helped with the preschoolers as well. We had a great week, but we were so tired by Friday!The boys got to play on a water slide on Friday. The youth boys tortured them with water guns and whipped cream the entire time...it was all in fun. Patrick and Carter were in different classes but got to do all of their rotations together. My kids have been to so many great Bible Schools that I wonder what they will remember the most about them. When I think of Bible School growing up I remember the red Kool Aid and little round butter cookies. We didn't have fancy little snacks to match the Bible School theme. If I remember correctly we didn't even have Bible School themes, and the snack was the same every day. But see, that's just the way I remember it. That's why I wonder what my kids will remember about their Bible School experiences. I remember making a little birdhouse out of sticks and little blue clay animals. The only song I really remember from music is "Father Abraham". I would like to say that I remember the Bible lessons, but I just don't. I can only remember being in class one time because a boy named Jay kept making motorcycle sounds and getting us all in trouble for laughing at him. I'm just being honest....hopefully my kids will remember more of their Bible time than that!!!