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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Madison's 1st Art Exhibition

Madison recently participated in her first art exhibition. She put 17 of her pieces in the show and was grouped with the 13-16 year olds. First, the judge placed individual ribbons on each table. Then, she judged all of the artists' paintings in each age category. One of Madison's paintings won 3rd place overall!! We spent Saturday helping with the set up process. Madison's art instructor assigned Madison and her friend, Emily, with registering all of the artists' paintings as they came in. They also helped with the handling of the paintings during the judging process with the younger artists.
It was very exciting to show up at the exhibition on Sunday to see all of Madison's paintings displayed.

Madison and her Mimi

Madison and her art teacher

Friday, July 23, 2010

Baseball 2010

We had a great time in baseball this year. Jeff hadn't planned on coaching this year but was more than happy to when they asked him to do it. As always, I was so proud of the job he did with the boys and the team. He took a team that did not win any games the year before and had an amazing season...holding 1st place in our league for most of the games. He was so patient with the boys and so good at combining discipline with encouragement. He, as well as the other coaches, focused so much on attitude, even when it meant sitting the boys out to teach them consequences of bad behaviors during the game. I was so proud of how well our team did but even more proud of how they learned to play together and encourage one another. This was one of the best seasons that we have ever had! I hope that Jeff will be coaching this team again next year.One of the coaches is missing in this photo. Coach Toby was in a terrible accident shortly after the season started, causing him to miss part of the season and spend the other part coaching from the sidelines in a wheelchair. We are all just so thankful that he was okay and able to be there at all. The players and coaches are all wearing green ribbons in the photo in honor of Toby.
I loved listening to Jeff's talks with the team before and after the games. He always had encouraging words for them, even when they lost. He gave them stickers to put on their helmets for different things, like good attitude, hitting, great plays, etc. At the end of the season, he gave a $50 gift card to the player with the most stickers. I think this is so much funner for the boys than handing out game balls every game. Carter hit very well this year. He has always had his moments of hitting in past years, but he really seemed to get it this year. He hit more and hit harder than ever before. So much of it came from Jeff's willingness to spend the time working with and encouraging him...building confidence. Carter is so lucky to have a dad who will do that!
This was the first year that Carter and his cousin, Caiden, have been in the same age and league, yet on different teams. It was a new, and bit difficult for Carter, experience for them. Since Carter has spent so many years catching, Jeff wanting to give him a chance to play some positions in the field. He took to it very well and loved it. It was great to see him gaining confidence out there. It was hard for him to give up catching, but he was so glad that he tried the new positions. It's good for him to know that he can play in different areas when he needs to.
We had the end of the season party at a local medieval activity center. It was so much fun for everyone. Since we didn't give game balls during the season, we presented them with balls on their trophies. We took markers and had all of the players sign each other's balls. They loved that, and it will be a more personal reminder of the season than just another trophy! We presented the three coaches plaques and the player with the most stickers his gift card.
I can't believe that another season has come and gone. So much work goes into it, especially when Jeff is coaching and I am responsible for the duties that go along with being the coach's wife, but it is all so worth it in the end!