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Saturday, August 22, 2009


What is a new day but the continuation of the preceding one, separated by a moment of darkness. Like the ever seeing eye that for a second is obscured by darkness, hidden behind a heavy lid that yearns for, yet hurries through, the blink. Vision does not cease to exist or become something new behind the darkness, yet it is renewed by it. Time, that invisible yet crucial element that defines a day, does not stop and restart as darkness falls upon it but continues with a fresh breath as the weary eye when it succumbs to a blink. By putting time into neat little boxes called days, we put too much emphasis on ever changing numbers and lose site of the only number that really matters...one! Though a person may leave this life with hair that has yet to gray while another leaves in a body lined with age, they were both given the same thing...one life. It wasn't a life to be counted, compared, and measured beside that of another but to live as if there were no such thing as tomorrows or yesterdays, only todays.....one day....one lifetime.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Family Reunion At The Lake

We had Jeff's mom's family reunion last weekend at the lake. It's always so much fun to get away for the weekend and spend time with each other and extended family. The kids all did the knee board again...we didn't even take the tube this year. Our cabin was right over the water, so Jeff could pull the boat right up to it. It was so nice.