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Monday, December 23, 2013

More From Madicakes

Here are a few more of Madison's cakes.  She had never filled an order for cake pops before, but she pulled it off.  She is never afraid to try new things.  .

We couldn't find a number two cake pan, so Madison made her own pattern for this order.

Madison made a birthday cake for my daddy.  He loves to hunt in Colorado, so she put a campsite scene on the top of the cake.  He loved it!!!
Here he is blowing out the candle with Vicki and Landon at Vicki's house.
Madison also made some cake pops for my birthday!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Summer 2012

 Madison and her "little boyfriend", Noah

 Josh's surprise birthday party
 Putting up new fence in the back yard
 Kite flying with Paw-Paw Byron
 Skatetown birthday party

 "Date night" with Noah

 Madison and Austin

 Lake Providence

 Re-painting the kitchen

 50th Wedding Anniversary

 House full of boys :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cruise 2012-Day Four

We spent our last day at sea once again relaxing, eating, and playing.  The wind was really bad, causing them to clear some of the higher decks. The last day of a cruise is always sad to me, but I kept reminding myself that it wassn't just the last day of our cruise..it was A DAY of our cuise.  I took a Thriller dance course while Madison and Carter watched.  We enjoyed some more karaoke, which we watched often during our cruise.  The kids loved the big shows at night, especially the last one and were amazed with the ice sculping.  We finally ordered room service on the last day--just because we could. We ordered coffee and cookies.  When asked, all three of the kids said that they would definately want to do another cruise!

Cruise 2012-Day Three

We docked at Cozumel on the third day, and the kids were amazed with how blue and clear the water was. It felt so weird to have the kids in Cozumel because Jeff and I have been there so many times without them.   I was so excited about showing them around.  We decided to spend the first part of the day at a beach then take a cab downtown to shop.  The weather was nice, so the day on the beach was amazing.  Carter got to paddle surf, which he had always wanted to do.  It was fun watching Patrick barter for prices downtown.  We ate pizza and ice cream on the back deck of the boat while we watched the sail-away.