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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Weekend on the Boardwalk

Jeff and I decided on a last minute whim to go away for the weekend with the kids. We went to my favorite "close to home but still away" place...the boardwalk in a nearby town, a couple of hours away.

This is what Jeff has to do while we have all the fun!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Jeff surprised me with an amazing gift for my birthday this year....an IPAD!!!!! I had been wanting one to use with school but didn't even expect to ask for it until the prices went down a bit. I was perfectly fine with getting an older model when the newer ones came out as long as I could get one. I never EVER expected Jeff to come home with one so soon!!! I was so shocked and excited. I have used it far more than I ever expected that I would and am already wondering how I ever did school without it!!! Jeff also come home with an icecream cake, and Madison decorated my chair for me before I got up that morning. I am a lucky woman....Jeff and the kids are so good to me!!

Bible School

I had mixed emotions about bible school this summer because it was the first year for all of my children to be in youth. I was always so excited about my kids getting to the age for bible school and have enjoyed having them there every summer so much. It felt so strange and a bit sad to have no children in bible school classes. Now that they are in youth, they will be helping the teachers in whatever classes need youth workers. Madison helped me this year with one of the kindergarten classes. My niece, Kinley, came to stay the week with us so she could help as well. As always, I enjoyed decorating and preparing for the class as much as I did teaching and helping in the class. The theme was New York and, while I didn't really look forward to this theme, we did pull together an amazing looking room! We had a nice sized class with some really sweet kids to teach. Madison and Kinley had a great time, even though we were all exhausted by the end of the week. It's always such a busy, time-consuming experience, but we always look back on it glad that we were a part of it all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Art Exhibit 2011

This year's art exhibit was even more exciting because we had Madison AND Carter displaying art. Madison and I went on Saturday to help set up for the exhibit. It is always fun seeing all of the different pieces in the show. We only see those who take art on the same day with Madison and Carter, so we get to meet new people during the exhibit. It amazes me to see how much talent comes out of Ms. Melanie's studio. She is really a talented, patient lady. I'm so glad that our children go to her.
Since Madison has been doing art longer, she had more to put in the show than Carter did. Also, from having done the show before, she knew all of the different categories to enter work into. We were so pleased last year when Madison got the one division ribbon...a second in painting....so we were blown away when she ended up with eight division ribbons this year!! She got first place ribbons in cartoon drawing, graphics, and sculpting!! The rest of her division ribbons were in the following: third place in graphics, second & third place in cartoons, and second and third places in sculpting.
Carter entered pieces in watercolor, graphics, acrylic, and pastels. His table awards were as follows: third on his watercolor sword, second on his shotgun pencil drawing, and first on his acrylic wolf. Even though he didn't have as much to enter and didn't get a division ribbon, it was a very fun experience for him. He enjoyed seeing his work on display!!
I can't imagine ending the year without participating in this art exhibit. I think it gives the kids a chance to step back and really appreciate all that they have done throughout the year. It is also such a good chance to share their work with others. I'm looking forward to seeing what my kids create in the coming year!