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Thursday, August 02, 2012

More Science Experiments

Cellular Division

The Sun's Energy

Carter figured out how to create a fire using his magnifying glass and leaves.

Flower Parts

Extracting DNA

Fun Science Experiments



Effects of Temperature on Mass/Volume

In this experiment, we measured a blown up balloon.  We then submerged the balloon in hot water for a few minutes and measured the balloon again.  The balloon's circumference increased from 19 1/4" to 19 1/2".  After we submerged the balloon in ice cold water, the circumference decreased to 19". 

Blood Under our Microscope
RBCs and WBCs

Photosynthesis/Plant Respiration

In this experiment on photosynthesis, we placed 10 leaf disks each into two cups.  One of the cups of water contained bicarbonate (baking soda).  The other container held only water.  The bicarbonate in the water served as an alternate source of carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis.  Using a syringe, the leaf disks were infiltrated with the bicarbonate solution then placed back into the cup.  Both cups were then placed under a light source to mimic sunlight.  As the disks in the bicarbonate solution were exposed to light, they underwent photosynthesis.  This process caused them to release oxygen, which made them rise to the surface.  
To demonstrate cellular respiration, the cup containing the disks that had undergone photosynthesis were placed in a dark closet to eliminate any light source necessary for further photosynthesis.  As the cells in the disks went through the process of respiration, the oxygen released through the photosynthesis was used.  This caused the disks to sink back to the bottom of the cup.