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Friday, March 30, 2012


The only regret that I have when it comes to having children is not having a sister for Madison.  This does not mean that I wished one of my boys to be a girl but that I could have had a fourth child knowing that it would be a girl.  Madison tells me that she doesn't want a sister...that she doesn't want to share her attention with me.  That may be so now, but I know that it will change when she is older and having children of her own.  What can can be thankful for is her relationship with Vicki's youngest daughter, Kinley.  Vicki and I love to watch them together because it is so much like watching ourselves as we grew up together.  They just "get" each other and love each other on such a different level than most cousins or even sisters...more like twins.  I hope as they grow up and become adults that they will be able to keep the close bond that they have formed together...I hope this with all of my heart!