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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Our flight home wasn't until 4:30, so we had time to go back to a park before heading home. One thing that we hadn't done at Hollywood Studios that Carter wanted to do was the Jedi Training Academy. Neither one of them got picked to go upon the stage, but they enjoyed watching and learning. Afterwards, Carter got to build his own double light saber. Patrick didn't want one. We did a few more things in the park then went back to the resort to have lunch before catching the shuttle to the airport.Carter got into a light saber fight with one of the green plastic Toy Story men.Waiting for the shuttle to the airport.Carter practicing some new moves with his light saber.It was sad to leave, but we were all very tired! I was so glad to be flying home and not facing that long drive. Even the drive from the airport home was hard!
Even though this was our third time at Disney with the kids, every time seems like a new experience. As the kids get older, the experience changes. I'm already looking forward to taking them back again.....I'll NEVER get tired of it!!!

Monday, October 05, 2009


We went to our first Disney waterpark with the kids on day 5. Jeff and I had been to Pirate's Cove before, but none of us had ever been to Blizzard Beach. It was so much fun to be in swimsuits surrounded by "snow". Carter and Patrick loved this thing. Carter had to do it until he could go across without touching the net.The ski lift was so much fun to ride....it took you to the top of the slides.
A very fun family ride!! I rode it with them then decided to get a shot of them coming down it!

More treats...we had the Disney Dining plan this year and ate so much while we were there!! I think Jeff and I gained about 13 pounds between the two of us even with all of the walking we did. I lost that and more after my surgery when I got home!!My new Tinkerbell backpack Jeff bought for me....I got so tired of carrying my heavy black one around!! Only at Disney could I carry a Tinkerbell backpack!!This is a sure sign that you have had a fun day!!! After going back to the room to change and rest, we went back to Hollywood studios....again! We watched another American Idol show....the finale of the day. Our pick won again :).Jeff bought Patrick another snack while Madison, Carter, and I rode the Tower of Terror.Then it was back to our favorite ride.....Rockin Rollercoaster!! We just couldn't get enough of it! We ended the day with one more snack. At this time, we were trying to use all of our meals and snacks since it was the last day we could use them. I didn't think I would want to eat again for a week!!!This was our last full day at Disney. We thought it was only right to end it in our favorite park.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


I started day 4 with a classic Disney waffle...yummy! We started back at Hollywood Studios. There were still so many things we wanted to do and redo there.
Here's the Tower of Terror. I rode it for the first time....so cool!
When Jeff and I went to Disney the year after we got married, I got chosen to be part of the Backlot show. Well, I got chosen again this time :). I assumed with all of that gear that I had to put on that I would stay dry.....I was wrong!

One thing we love about Hollywood Studios are the little shows on the street...this one was so much fun.We LOVED the American Idol experience. We felt like were at the real one! It was fun to watch the singers...they had been through auditions all day long to get to this point. At the end, we got to vote for the winner. Our pick won :).I thought the Sci-Fi Theater was the funnest place we ate. We were in little cars like at a drive-in movie. They played little snippets of old horror films...not very scary....and had all of the lights out with stars on the ceiling. It felt like we were outside. It was so fun. Toy Story Mania was so cool. The ride was fun, but it wasn't all that it was built up to be. I did, however, love how the entire building was decorated with all of the old toys that I remember growing up with. Jeff beat us all in the game....well, for that matter....everyone beat me!!!Our favorite ride at Disney this year....ROCK AND ROLLERCOASTER!! We went back to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon to do some of the things we didn't get around to on the first day. Every time we go to Disney, there is one moment that I look back on over and over. This time it was riding splash mountain at night during the firework show. It was the magical moment of the trip for me. I love all of the parks at night anyway. That night we made it back to Hollywood Studios for the Fantasmic Show. We have seen it before, but the kids were very little and did not remember much about it. It's an amazing show. I think day 4 was all of our favorite. When I look at these pictures and all of the fun we had, it makes me want to go back NOW!!!