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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bible School 2009

We had Bible School at our church last week. This was Madison's first time to do Bible School as a youth. The youth do not have their own classes...they serve as helpers. Madison was my helper in preschool recreation. I really thought going into it that working with the preschoolers, especially doing recreation, would be hard. I found out that they are actually easier than the older kids because they just love anything that you do with them. On the first day, we just put out sidewalk chalk, water, and paintbrushes. It was amazing to see how how long the kids would sit and paint on the sidewalk with water :). We took bubbles on the second day. One day we poured out four bags of balloons in a big room and just let the 1-3 year olds do what they wanted with them...they LOVED it. We also played some games with the older preschoolers. It turned out to be a very fun week :). My niece, Kinley, spent the week with us and helped with the preschoolers as well. We had a great week, but we were so tired by Friday!The boys got to play on a water slide on Friday. The youth boys tortured them with water guns and whipped cream the entire was all in fun. Patrick and Carter were in different classes but got to do all of their rotations together. My kids have been to so many great Bible Schools that I wonder what they will remember the most about them. When I think of Bible School growing up I remember the red Kool Aid and little round butter cookies. We didn't have fancy little snacks to match the Bible School theme. If I remember correctly we didn't even have Bible School themes, and the snack was the same every day. But see, that's just the way I remember it. That's why I wonder what my kids will remember about their Bible School experiences. I remember making a little birdhouse out of sticks and little blue clay animals. The only song I really remember from music is "Father Abraham". I would like to say that I remember the Bible lessons, but I just don't. I can only remember being in class one time because a boy named Jay kept making motorcycle sounds and getting us all in trouble for laughing at him. I'm just being honest....hopefully my kids will remember more of their Bible time than that!!!


Anonymous Julie said...

I only remember going to one VBS when I was a kid... Our church was too small to bother, as there were hardly any kids.

I do remember going to a neighborhood church VBS one summer, after getting a notice in the mail or something. My friend and I decided to go just because the pastor's son (who was in my class at school) was cute. *rofl* We thought we would see him in class, but it turned out that he was a helper and didn't join the class. *lol* (Oh well, at least it got us there.) ... Anyway, the only things I remember was that the theme was searching for gold (in the Bible) and I remember the teacher telling us that when she gets to heaven she's going to ask God if she can taste manna and wear a size 12. *rofl*

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Julie said...

Oh! ... We used to sing Father Abraham in Sunday School all the time! It was one of my favorites, though I loved the Monkey song (anti-evolution) and the Countdown the best. :D

10:05 AM  
Blogger Mama Teaching 2 said...

:) VBS is so fun. :)

I need to see you, my friend! I miss you!

Matt has an interview, second interview, tomorrow at Target!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Heather the Mama Duk said...

How fun! That's a cool waterslide.

3:05 PM  

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