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Monday, January 22, 2007

Silly Hair Night

We had "silly hair" night last night at Awanas. Madison and Carter were excited about it, but Patrick wasn't willing to be silly. I certainly wasn't going to force him to. Patrick has a silly side to him, but doesn't like to just put it out there for people to see. We had a great time doing Madison's hair...and mine too. Carter asked Madison to put ponytails all over his hair, but then remembered the crazy ball that his Aunt Vicki got him for Christmas. I'm so glad he thought about it because it was perfect for the night!

We also had awards night at Awanas. Madison got her Discovery 6 sticker and Patrick got his Discovery 5 and 6 stickers. Carter got a red jewel. They all worked so hard to get to the point they did last night. I'm so proud of them.

When the kids were in the public school, there was no way that they could concentrate on Awanas. All of their time at home was spent doing homework and school projects. As a matter of fact, we just stopped doing Awanas because there was no time for it. Now, we make it a part of our school is just as important as all of their other studies. All three of them even found extra time on their own to work on their Awanas because they had set goals for themselves for the week. Oh, how things have changed!


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