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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas With Our Church Family

The kids had their Christmas parties with their Sunday School classes and Awanas today. Unfortunately, Patrick and Jeff were both sick today and missed everything. Jeff has had a sore throat and nasty cough for a couple of days. This morning, Patrick woke up with it. By tonight, he was running 102.2 F.
Madison and Carter got to spend their Awana "bucks" tonight at the Awana store. Everytime the kids go to Awana, they receive "bucks" for passing verses. Twice a year, they have a store where the kids can spend the money that they have earned. They do it right before Christmas to give the children an opportunity to buy for their loved ones as well as for themselves. It is so great to see the kids get excited about buying for others.
I had to pick out stuff for Patrick since he wasn't there. He asked me to get something for Madison for Christmas because she has bought something for him and Carter. Madison bought something for Jeff, and Carter bought something for our neighbor, Josh. They also got lots of fun things for themselves!
After buying from the store, the kids got to eat pizza and watch a movie while the adults wrapped the gifts. It was a fun, festive night. I could just feel the Christmas excitement in the air!


Blogger JakesMom said...

Sounds like a great afternoon. And I love that cake! Jake wants to do a birthday cake for Jesus this year, so I think I may just copy that one. Any excuse for cake is OK in my book! :)

9:29 AM  

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