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Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Day of Parties

The kids and I went to the homeschool Christmas party at the skating rink today. As always, the place was packed. There were lots of yummy things to eat for the party. I love to watch the kids with the other homeschoolers. I'm glad that we have that monthly meeting at the skating rink...a time for us all to come together. I'm thinking about joining the co-op next year so we can have that interaction one day a week.
Tonight, Jeff and I went to his work Christmas party. The meal was were the homemade cookies! We played games and laughed alot. I really felt too tired to go, but ended up having a great time.
Tomorrow is our last day of school before our 2 week break. I'm looking forward to being able to concentrate on the fun things we want to do for Christmas. I know the time off will fly by too fast. It always does!


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