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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The kids and I had a great time today playing and enjoying time with friends. Patrick got invited to spend the day with one of his best friends, Tristin. I took him to Tristin's house this morning and picked up a friend for Carter. I called Madison's friend, Kaitlyn, to come and spend the day here. Then, our neighbor, Josh, came over as well as Caiden, my nephew. The amazing thing about the four boys is that they spent most of the day playing outdoors and with toys when they were inside. For some reason, they weren't drawn to the game systems today. I loved listening to them laughing and playing outside with Madison and her friend. They rode the 4 wheeler, played on the tree swing, chased each other, created awesome things with the Tinker Toys, etc. Madison and Kaitlyn did arts & crafts, played outside, and made some homemade chocolate candy. It was an awesome day. I took Carter's friend home and picked Patrick up from Tristin's around 6:00. When I took Kaitlyn home, they asked Madison to stay the night. Josh, our neighbor, stayed and played until bedtime.Today reminded me of the great summer days filled with kids and time outside. I love to see my children surrounded by friends, especially since so many people assume that homeschoolers aren't socialized enough. That is just not true for my children. I truly feel that they have more time to socialize and make friends than they ever did while in the school system. I will always see to it that our home is a fun place to be, and that all of my kids' friends feel welcome here. I want them all to enjoy, not only my children, but their home as well!


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