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Saturday, August 05, 2006

20 Things

To be Thankful For:

1. My family and all of the family surrounding us.
2. My salvation and how it changed the course of my life
3. Vicki...what a blessing it is to have a twin!
4. The opportunity to be home with my children and to homeschool them.
5. My college education and all of the memories I have of getting it.
6. Friends...those who are within reach and those who aren't.
7. Everyday needs that I am able to provide for my family and myself...never having to worry where they are coming from.
8. Jeff...he is so much more than I ever asked for or deserved.
9. Memories of my Mother...they can't give me what my heart desires, but they are more than some people have.
10. My health and the health of my family.

13. Our home. It is perfect for us and is surrounded by wonderful neighbors and family.
14. My country...may God bless it.
15. The simple things in books and my ability to read and enjoy them....listening to Jeff play his guitar.
16. Our new church family.
17. Laughter and those who I laugh with and have laughed with.
18. Time....
19. do all of the things that make life so precious.
20. Contentment and Peace of Mind


Blogger Power Up Love said...

Comment to an older post.

I invite you to share your story to be posted at, from number 2 on your list of, "20 Things To be Thankful For"

May God Bless...

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