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Monday, July 03, 2006

Kid Meal Toys/Junk or Treasure?

I got out of the bed this morning with one goal in clean out the toy boxes and get control of all the things that my children insist that they can not live without. As I dumped each one of the toy boxes out, I was faced with the same dilemma over and over. What should I do with all of the kid meal toys? I already have two comforter bags full of them, and with my children only 10, 8 and 7, I can see many more years of bringing these little treasures of fast food home. While other moms admit that these are the first things that they throw away when they clean up, I am just not able to throw them away. Though I have never been much of a collector, I just can not seem to part with these toys. When I look at them, I do not see just junk. For most of the toys, I can think back to the day that we got them and remember how happy they made my children. I remember one or the other of my children carrying different ones of them around for days at a time before they finally tossed them into the toy box and shifted their attention to the next thing. As I emptied each box out, I made a pile of the kid meal toys and watched my children get excited all over again as they began to go through them. My trash bag began to fill up with other toys that were broken, missing pieces or just not played with, but the kid meal toys remained in their pile. As I tied the trash bag up to carry it to the trash, I stopped in my sons room and pulled out the bottom drawer of his dresser. There laid an empty comforter bag waiting to be used for that special something that caused it to be placed there instead of the trash. I grabbed it from the drawer and, after dumping the bag of unfortunate toys into the garbage, headed back to the playroom. I scooped up the kid meal toys and filled the bag with them. My last thought before I threw them into the closet, along with the other bags that were already there, was not that they were getting out of control. Instead, I was already thinking about finding another bag that would be big enough to hold the next pile of treasures that I would pull from those toy boxes the next time I woke up determined to weed out the junk.


Blogger Jen said...

If they don't really play with those toys anymore, why not build a few shelves somewhere so they can be displayed? If they are special keep them! (for now anyways)

12:01 AM  

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