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Thursday, December 29, 2005


I have been reading The Chronicles of Narnia to my kids. It was recommended at my church to read the book before seeing it at the movies. I wondered why the church so supported the I know. I don't even know how to write down the feelings that are in my heart from having finished this book tonight...reading it to Madison, Patrick and Carter. I knew early in the book that the Queen of Narnia depicted Satan. As we read the last few chapters tonight, I saw the story of Christ played out in the character of Aslan. It was so wonderfully written and so tore at my heart that my throat tightened as I fought tears to get through it. I didn't see Aslan as I read, I saw Christ being bound and beaten. I didn't see the character of Edmond, but myself, a sinner in need of salvation. The writer had me inside every character, as much as I could possibly have been.The greatest thing happened when Madison stopped me and said, "Mama, this sounds like the story of Christ." I was not going to point it out to them. I wanted it to be revealed to them....I needed them to see the correlation and they did. She and Patrick really got it. I am totally in awe at what C.S. Lewis created in The Chronicles of Narnia. I know that many will read it and only see the surface of what is there, but it is so much deeper than what the words say.
We are taking the kids to see the movie Saturday, and I so hope that it does the book justice. If not, I will be all the more glad that I read it to them first.


Blogger danstem said...

Hi Sherri: I am so glad you stopped by. I have a Xanga site, but wanted to try the Homeschool blog because I, like you, wanted to "trade" homeschool experiences. I am still trying to get the hang of this blog site thought...much different than Xanga. Anyway, I have one daughter (12) and this will be our fifth year of homeschooling. There have been good and bad days, let me say, but my husband and I feel this is what God wants us to do right now for her. I think joining a homeschool group is one of the best things you did. We didn't join until our third year of homeschooling and we have it to be so very helpful in many ways. I hope to get to you know better through blogging......if you have any questions just write. Please bear with me however because like I said I am still trying to figure out this blog. Your site looks great. Happy New Year, Dee. P.S. I loved the Narnia book as well. We can't wait to see the movie.

1:33 AM  
Blogger Tara said...

Sherri, I sent you a comment here last night and it just dissapeared! :)You are going to love the movie! My kids "got it" and we've had some great discussions about the Gospel since seeing the movie.

9:34 AM  

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