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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crazy Week

It seems like something has happened every day this week to stop us from having a normal school day.
Monday, my sister had an outpatient procedure done. Thank God that she is okay and the news was good.
Wednesday, I had to go to the dr. with a bladder infection that I have suffered with for a week. I have never had one, and I never want another.
We did most of the kids' school stuff in the afternoon on the two days that we weren't able to do it that morning. That worked out pretty good, but they are most attentive in the morning.
Today is Carter's birthday!! My baby is 7 today...that is so hard to believe. We will not have school today. I have always hated sending the kids to school on their birthday and now I don't have to. I am able to be with them and make the day fun! What a blessing to be able to do that!


Blogger Amy said...

Oh, I love hearing you say that about the birthdays......we don't do school on birthdays either!

8:58 PM  

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