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Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Parties

We had the kids' home school group Christmas party at the skating rink today. We baked little cookies with Christmas trees and made chocolate snowmen to take. The kids had a great time, and I enjoyed seeing all of our new friends again.
This evening, Jeff and I went to his work Christmas party. I missed it last year, so it was good to see everyone again. It always makes me appreciate Jeff more to be around the people he works with. It makes me realize all over again that, while I am fortunate enough to be home with the kids each day, that he is out working so that I can.
It was nice to get out with him alone. We did a little shopping afterwards and just enjoyed the time together. His mom had the kids so we knew that they were having a good time. Now that the parties are over, we can just concentrate on our time together. We are still trying to decide what ornaments to make for this year. I think picking them out is about as much fun as making them :).
We are looking forward to a day at home tomorrow. I so need to do some shopping for Christmas, but I think that I will put it off a little longer!


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