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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Carter

We had a great day! We spent the morning relaxing and playing. This afternoon, we ate lunch at the mall, and then the kids climbed the big rock. Carter was so excited to finally reach the top of side two! By the time he reached the top, he had a small crowd cheering him on. Afterwards, we played with the toys in Radio Shack and then bought lots of candy at the candy store.
Tonight we had the grandparents over for cake and gifts. Jeff and I got Carter a guitar. He was so excited about his "real" guitar. Jeff is going to start giving him lessons. Carter is so fun to buy for. He gets so excited over the smallest things.
It has been a wonderful day. Just to think that if they were still in school, Carter would have been sitting in a classroom all day instead of climbing rocks at the mall on his birthday!


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