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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Tree Is Up!

Now it feels like Christmas!
I hope that I am always surrounded by children at Christmastime. They just make everything funner.
Jeff and I took the kids to eat at Cracker Barrel Sunday afternoon and then spent the rest of the day putting up our tree and decorating the living room. We just took our time and enjoyed it.
I am so amazed at how many homemade ornaments that we have. We took them out first and put them on the tree and hardly had room for the others. Before long, we will have to leave the others out. I'm excited to pick out the ones that we will make this year.
Like every year, the kids slept on the floor in the living room last night so they could be close to the tree. They watched Christmas shows until they fell asleep.
I loved letting them sleep in. It has been 2 months since we started home schooling, and I still feel blessed every morning not to have to wake them up and rush them out the door. Every other year they have counted down the days until the two week Christmas break. Now, it doesn't matter so much. They are already home!


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