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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Today we studied insects in Science. I put out poster board, crayons, pipecleaners, and all sorts of other craft materials and had them come up with a make believe insect. I told them that they had to give it a special feature, just as all insects have a special something that make them unique.
I was so pleased with what they came up with. Carter drew a Pogo Stick Insect that is able to jump very far and fast to get away from predators.
Patrick came up with a Hypnotic Hyperturbo Vampire Bug that is able to hypnotize its prey and suck its blood.
Madison made a big, pretty bug that she named the Beautiful Bug that lures its prey in with its beauty.
They all did so good at coming up with the insects on their own and explaining them so well. I was proud of them.
Last night, we made a robot out of toilet paper rolls. Madison has been saving them to make something out of, and we found a precious robot design. I think it turned out pretty good....for toilet paper rolls :).


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