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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Baseball 2011

Jeff coached Carter's ball team again this year. It makes me feel so good to have parents call here asking for Jeff to please work to get their sons in the draft. I am proud of Jeff and admire him for many things, and his coaching relationship with the boys on his teams is one of the main things. He is more concerned with teaching them how to be a team then he is with winning. They love him but also respect him. They know that he will be the first one to praise them when they do well, including encouraging one another, but will also be there to put them on the bench for showing a bad attitude. Our team did well and had a great time....almost as much fun as we did :)! I think I enjoyed the other mothers more this year than I ever have. We laughed and visited so much that we sometimes forgot that we were there to watch...even so, our boys knew that we were there for them!!! Our team won the opening day tournament!!! It was a great way to start the season!!!

We had their end-of-the-season party at a local pool.Thanks to Jeff, his assistant coaches, and all of the parents and boys for making it another great season!!!


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:) Jeff is such a wonderful father.

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