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Monday, September 17, 2007

Awana Begins

We've started back with the Awana program at our church. For the first time ever, all three of my kids are in the same group...the last one before youth. I remember when mine were in cubbies and sparks, and the T & T kids looked so much older. Well, now mine are all in T & T(Truth & Training), and it's so hard to believe that they have all reached that age. What is really hard to believe is that next year Madison will be with the youth!! I'm going to try to enjoy this year of having them all together without worrying about losing them all to the youth group.

Carter was SO EXCITED to get his T & T shirt last night, but that's how Carter is about everything in life. He slept in it and is wearing it today. He's always one step behind Madison and Patrick in everything, so when he gets to be just like them, of course he's excited about it.

We had "Camo Night" last night in Awana. This is something that I can't go all out with because Jeff is not a big hunter. We did happen to have a few camo hats, so we were at least covered for the theme.

I think the next special night is "Super Hero" night. We will have more than enough to get us through that! Oh, and by the way, Jeff and I missed the last "Super Hero" night....we were on our cruise. "sigh" How I wish we were missing this year too!!


Blogger carrie & troy keiser said...

I think you're a Wonder Woman, stop by my blog for details! Keep it up! Thanks for your comments I enjoy reading them and knowing that others see things from my point of view!

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