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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She's Here!

My sister surprised me with a visit yesterday. She and three of her children are here for a couple of nights...yippee!! Madison is SO happy to have Kinley here. She's like the sister that Madison doesn't have.

Watching those two play takes Vicki and me both back in time...days full of all day long make believe when no one else existed but the two of us and the imaginary players in our made up world. "sigh" I miss those days with Vicki. I wouldn't want to go back for good, but would love to go back for about a week....middle of the summer in our childhood home on that dusty dirt road with our little blue bikes...secondhand curtains and bucket furniture in the tin shed playhouse in the back yard.
But then again, Vicki and I have never stopped playing. Within 20 minutes after her arriving yesterday, we started playing...Guitar Hero, board games, etc. We stopped long enough to feed everyone and went right back to our games. We didn't stop until 3:30 this morning. We laugh, play, visit, laugh, and play some more! I think everyone needs that one person who takes her back to the child within...someone who makes her laugh until anything that gets in the way of what is funny becomes funny....someone who hears a song and recalls the exact memories from it that she does....someone who can play the same game 10 times in a row with her and truly enjoy it. Everyone needs that!


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