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Friday, July 06, 2007


I need some Motivation!
I have so much planning to do for next year, but just can't get into it. I have 75% of my curriculum purchased. I need to order the rest of it so I can sit down and plan the year out. Last year, I tried to get it done early enough that I would have some time at the end of the break to relax without worrying about it. This year, I just want to get it done before we start back. Once I get started, I'll enjoy watching it all come together, but............
I think I need to set a goal for myself to accomplish every day towards finishing this up. On top of it all, I have an online continuing ed. course to complete...well, to start and then complete. I am NOT looking forward to sitting through 2 DVD's of therapists in various situations. It was hard to sit through continuing ed. when I was working, but it is torture now that I am not using it.
So, if anyone has any extra motivation, send it my way. I could use it!


Blogger Lisa said...

Ummm, I'd send you some motivation but I don't have any to fact, I think that any that I did have has gone on vacation!
Oh and UGH on the continuing ed course! One of the reasons I let my PTA license expire was because I was going to have to have the same amount of continuing ed as if I were working...blegh!

8:33 AM  

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