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Monday, September 18, 2006

Islands of Adventure

Today we went to Islands of Adventure…part of Universal. I was a little hesitant to go as it has a lot of big rides. I didn’t know if Patrick would be willing to ride them with us. I was wrong. He rode them right along with the rest of us. Even when he chose not to ride one, he would eventually get on as we did the fun ones over and over. The crowds were low again so we were able to ride the fun stuff over and over. We rode some amazing rides today….Incredible Hulk, Dr. Doom, Fire and Ice. The boys couldn’t go on Incredible Hulk or Fire and Ice because they weren’t tall enough. However, Madison was more than willing to go. There was nothing that she wasn’t willing to do. She has no fear! Carter was upset about not being able to go on those rides, but there were plenty others that he got to do. He loved Dr. Doom the most… accelerated into the air at an extremely high speed. It was awesome!! Patrick sat it out the first time, but jumped right on the second time around. He loved it too!! One of the funnest things that we did our entire time was the Spider Man ride. It was a 4D simulator ride. The car was taken through a building with different scenes and battles with super heroes. Spiderman was always there to save us just in time. At one point we did a 40 foot virtual drop and caught in Spiderman’s net right before hitting the ground. As much as I love Disney, I have to say that there is no ride there quite like Spiderman. It was amazing!!! We got off and right back on it 4 times….no lines whatsoever!! Once again, the characters were out. There were so many super heros, and they were so available for pictures with the kids. It was great. There was a section called Seuss Landing that was amazing. It was everything that you can imagine a Dr. Seuss play area would look like. The entire place even smelled like candy. There was so much to see that we would have had to spend hours to see it all. We saw an amazing interactive show called Poseidon's Fury. It was a show that put the audience in the middle of the action. We walked from room to room as the show played out. It was a bit scary for the kids, especially Carter, but only scary enough to make it fun! The visual effects were amazing. It was like nothing that we had ever done before!! The really fun part of the park were the rides that got us soaking wet. I was glad that I dressed the kids in their swim suits. We laughed so hard on the first one that got us wet. Jeff and I couldn’t believe that we were completely drenched by the time it was over. After that, we just didn’t care how wet we got. We all had wet shoes and socks and just didn’t care. I can’t believe how fast the day went. Before we knew it evening had come and we were rushing to redo all of the funnest things before the park closed. We ordered pizza from the resort’s restaurant when we got back to the room and then went back to the pool for a swim. It is amazing to me how fast the kids all fall asleep after a busy day like today!! They can keep going and going and then as soon as their heads hit the pillows, they are asleep! We are going to Epcot tomorrow! We didn’t go to that park last time we came to Disney because we thought the kids were to young to enjoy it. I am excited to take them this time!


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