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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Homeschool Fieldtrips

We have been so fortunate to have access to a wonderful Christian homeschool group in our area. I never dreamed that there would be so many opportunities available for my children through a local group. It is like a little school...the children just don't learn together. Almost anything that a child could be a part of in the public school is offered on a smaller scale through our group. We have an organized sports association, Kindergarten/Highschool graduations, Science clubs, Debate, talent shows, field days, many field trips, monthly meetings at the skating rink, Science/Social Studies fairs, a yearbook, etc. etc. etc. It just goes on and on. We have met so many wonderful new friends through this group. I also continue to involve my children in activities that give them opportunities to be with their friends they had in school. I know that at this age socialization isn't as big an issue as it will be when my children get older, but I am trying to help establish a strong bond with friends now that I would like to see them with later...when they begin to pull away from us to form their own relationships. I know that, ultimately, the decisions will be theirs, but we want to influence them as much now while we can.
Our group has met for some wonderful fieldtrips. I want to share some of the pictures from these meetings. They were very educational, fun, well-planned fieldtrips. The children even commented on how the experiences were so different than any other fieldtrips that they had ever been on.

Spear throwing demonstration at an ancient Indian community

"Hands on" experience at the zoo

Christmas party at the skating rink

Lapbooking Class


Blogger Deanna said...

cool!...looks like a TON of fun!

12:13 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

What a neat group! We've not joined one in our area yet, but I think I will for next year.

8:50 AM  

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