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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Best Kind of Gift

Madison has been making cakes for a while now.  She started out playing around with basic cake baking and worked her way up to full sized fondant cakes.  Now, she has a great little business making cakes for others, receiving far more orders than she ever dreamed possible.  She has made enough money to buy some really great things for herself, including an Ipad.  Although it is very rewarding to fill orders for others and receive nice payments for them, she finds the most joy in baking for her family.  This past year, it was so much fun for her to be able to give something of herself to her Mimi and PawPaw for their birthdays.  The cakes were so much fun to make as she got to do them exactly as she wanted based on what she knew about them.  She also enjoyed  practicing her sculpting as well as using her Crickit.  Mimi and PawPaw LOVED the cakes, and Madison had so much fun giving them as her gifts to them!!!


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