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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Driver's Permit

As I look back on this year, one thing that stands out is how much has happened with Madison.  One of these significant occurrences is receiving her driver's permit!!  I couldn't believe how much time and work had to go into getting that thing!  When I had drivers ed, it consisted of a day or two of classes during our P.E. time in school.  I remember learning to change a tire and driving on the levy...haha...seriously.  Madison had to go through two weeks of classes followed by a few days of actual driving.  Then, she had to take a computer test at the DMV.  The day that we walked out of that office with that permit in her hand was amazing!!  I don't think I was even that happy to receive my own license.  I was and am so proud of her!!


Blogger Mama Teaching 3 said...

When that big girl pulled into my driveway I about died! Remember???

9:49 PM  

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