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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Want It All!!

It's all a little frustrating to me. I'm never able to feel completely successful in teaching one particular subject. It seems that when one is doing well in Math, another is struggling a bit. The same goes for most of the other subjects. While one is writing beautiful paragraphs or papers, another is struggling with content or grammar. There never seems to be a time when everyone is doing well in one particular subject. "sigh" I even do it to myself in History, Science, and Social Studies. When I feel great about what we are covering in one or two of these subjects, there is always that other one that seems to be lacking. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself and expect too much. The kids are three separate individuals and are learning completely different skills at different times. I need to remind myself that it really isn't a reflection on my teaching, but on the material that they are covering. All I can do is continue to praise their good efforts and use the times when they are struggling to tell me what they need more help on. That's what I am here for. My challenge is to do it with a good attitude and lots of patience....for them as well as for myself.


Blogger Gina Marie said...

I think one of the blessings of homeschool is that you can see those things happening and adjust them if you need to. I'm sure that happens in school too, but with a set curriculum and standards to be met, teachers just have to plug ahead with what they've got, rather than adjusting it to fit the needs of each student.

But I suspect there's a lot of truth in you saying, "Maybe I'm just too hard on myself and expect too much." I can be the same way. It seems like you're doing a terrific job!

5:53 PM  
Blogger momof3feistykids said...

I think there's a natural ebb and flow to learning. A child struggles with certain concepts, then makes a developmental leap forward. Each child will have his own rhythm, if you see what I mean. It's perfectly "normal," and doesn't reflect your performance as a teaching mom. :-)

7:41 PM  

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