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Monday, February 19, 2007

Home Economics

Carter has been asking to do the dishes for a long time. I'm usually in a hurry to get it done and don't want to bother with pulling the chair up and checking behind him and all. Yesterday, I decided that if he were willing to help that I should let him. I ran the water for him and put all of the lunch dishes beside the sink. I turned around to grab a chair for him to stand on and realized that he didn't need one. Furthermore, as he began to wash the dishes, I saw that I did not have to check behind him...he was doing a great job of getting them clean. All this time, I thought it would be more of a burden to let Carter do the dishes for me, when in fact, it would could have been helping me. I was able to have a break from the chore while Carter got to do something that he'd been wanting to do. He was so proud of himself for doing that for me. How could I have taken so long to give him that little bit of joy?!?


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