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Saturday, February 10, 2007

First Rodeo

Jeff and I took the kids to their first rodeo last night. Actually, it wasn't a full rodeo, but a bull riding competition. It was kids' night, so there were lots of fun activities for the children. They each got a free bandanna for being one of the first 200 to arrive. The clowns threw beads out and addressed the kids a lot. Carter even got chosen to dance with one of the rodeo clowns. They asked who wanted to dance and Carter stood up and started dancing at his seat. They spotted him and pulled him out to dance with the clown. Carter immediately went into the "worm" dance on the floor. He got lots of attention for that! Patrick and Carter both participated in chasing the calves for $100. Whoever managed to snatch the string of beads from one of the calves won the money. They didn't win the money, but had fun playing. I was just proud of them for getting out there. Madison would have none of that. She was having fun just meeting new friends and taking pictures!

Afterwards, the kids got autographs from the clowns and some of the riders. Before the end of the night, Patrick was asking to go back for the 2nd night of the rodeo. It was a good first rodeo experience for them. I'm sure we will be taking them back for another one in the future!


Blogger Lisa said...

What fun! When he was 16, Troy rode bareback bronc, and he'd love to take the kids to a rodeo. We've just not gotten around to it yet.

4:51 PM  
Blogger 3Weddings said...

Hi Shery!! I was just tidying up my PC, and finally found your blog! It's so inspiring. Thank you for continuing it!
Things are good, I was lucky enough to meet Melanie for breakfast last week while in Ottawa and you were one of the first people she asked about. I wish I had had an answer for her :(
Take care!

1:38 PM  

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