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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Madison

Our firstborn.
She became every dream that I ever had as a little girl. She was the baby that I dreamed of as I played with my dolls.
Having her placed in my arms was better than all of the Christmas gifts that I had ever received… all bundled up into one.
When I first looked into Madison’s eyes I knew that I would never be the same again.
And so I became a Mother…her Mother.
From the time Madison’s personality began to blossom, I knew that she was a leader.
She is not afraid to speak her mind, however, I watch her struggle between the need to do so and the desire to spare other’s feelings.
She has such a sweet heart. She will give you the shirt off of her back if you want it. She loves to please.
When I am sick, she turns my bed down and insists that I rest.
She knows when I need that.
If I am giving up the last bit of food so that others can have it, she knows.
She will insist that she isn’t hungry.
Madison loves babies and children of all ages. She finds opportunities to surround herself with them because she loves them.
Madison is creative. Give her anything and she will create something out of it.
She loves music.
She loves to perform for others
She loves people.
Madison does not easily learn by merely sitting in front of books. She learns by doing, feeling, seeing, experiencing.
Anything outside our front door is her playground. She doesn’t need a playmate….she has always been capable of creating her own.
But she is the happiest when surrounded by people.
Not everyone knows how to take the things that Madison loves and use them to her benefit.
By homeschooling her, I have been able to explore ways to teach her that brings out the self confidence that she first demonstrated as a baby.
Madison will learn what she needs in life by living it....exploring it….creating it…..sharing it. She will teach me far more than she could ever learn from me. She will be a teacher to many…..and she will enjoy it.


Blogger Jen said...

Wow, your little post about Madison really touched me...I have a little tear in the corner of my eye now.
I just love the line, "She will teach me far more than she will ever learn from me." So powerful..I love reading your writing.. thank u.

4:39 PM  

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