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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Tooth" Week

We recently spent a week in Science learning about teeth. Madison, Patrick and Carter have always been good about brushing, but don't always brush as thoroughly as they should. After learning about the germs and plaque that can occur with poor brushing, they have been much better about how well they brush, especially Carter. He could hardly sit through the lesson one day for wanting to go brush and rinse with mouthwash to kill the germs!
I took strips of egg cartons and cut little slits between the egg bowls. I rubbed peanut butter on the carton and in the slits to represent dirty teeth. I had the kids brush their carton with a toothbrush until the carton looked clean. Then, I had them floss in the slits to demonstrate that there are some things that ony flossing can reach. They loved the activity and did it a few times. We made a chart to hang in the bathroom where they could put stickers for each time they brushed, flossed or rinsed with mouthwash. The chart filled up quickly :).
It was a fun lesson. I didn't know if I could make it interesting and fun for them, but they really enjoyed it. Even practicing the flossing on their own was exciting to them. I forget how easy it still is to entertain them. I dread the day when it isn't so anymore.


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