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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Saw It!

Jeff got me a telescope for Christmas. I have enjoyed looking at the moon so much, but wanted to see a planet so bad. I knew that Saturn was going to be its closest to the moon this morning, so last night I took my telescope out and focused in on the star that was the closest to the moon. I was taking a chance that it might be Saturn. IT WAS!!! When it came into focus I just got up and started kidding, I did. It was little, but very clear. The ring was as clear as the planet and just beautiful. I cannot believe that I found it. The kids were at a basketball game with Jeff's parents, so they missed it. However, on the 27th of this month, Saturn will be its closest to Earth and even easier to see. How fun!!!!!!!! The really fun thing is that my friend next door has a telescope too, so we get them out together and hang out. It makes it even funner to have someone to enjoy it with. Hey, we have to play sometimes too, right?!?


Blogger Tara said...

Ok did you just invite me and my three kids to your house for a field trip on the 27th?! LOL!!

9:18 AM  

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