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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

We are not doing any school today. I wanted to be able to relax and enjoy each other on Valentines Day. The kids were up early to get their prizes. I always set them out the night before, so they knew they would be there.
Jeff surprised me with a card and a flowering plant. We said we weren't buying for each other, but we both did!
This morning, I made pancakes and let the kids cut them into the shape of a heart with a cookie cutter. They didn't eat much because they were full of Valentine chocolate, but they enjoyed making them.
I bought some foam door hangers for them to decorate with little foam letters and shapes. I also have some Valentine cookies to make with them.
I love having them home today. I always hated getting up on Valentines morning only to rush through giving them their stuff and then having to send them to school. They aren't missing out on anything with the Valentine parties because we had their homeschool party at the skating rink. They got to take Valentines and make boxes and everything.
I wish Jeff could have stayed home with us today!!!


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