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Monday, June 04, 2012

What a Shock!!

In October we went back to one of our favorite camp grounds.  We have spent so much time at this particular state park, so we were shocked when we arrived to find nothing but dry land in places where we usually swim, fish, and canoe....not to mention very low water levels everywhere else!!
This is an area that the kids often swim in...right at our favorite site!
The beach...there is usually water all the way to the trees!!!  All of the brown is the swimming area, not the beach!!

 This is one of our favorite fishing spots...all dried up!!

As usual, we enjoyed some geocaching...low water didn't get in the way of that!! 

I'm so glad that my niece, Kinley, loves going camping with us.  We have started letting the kids take turns taking a friend with us.  I'm just glad that not only do our kids enjoy camping, but that they have friends that love to go with us as well!


Blogger Mama Teaching 3 said...

That place was DRY! OH MY WORD! I always enjoy tales from your trips.

11:04 PM  

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