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Saturday, May 19, 2012


It has been an amazing few months for viewing the night skies.  One particular bright star kept getting my attention, so I got my telescope out and discovered that it was Jupiter.  We could even see the two dark stripes that go around the planet.  Three moons were visible at all times, only in different positions, while the fourth moon could only be seen at the right times.  I was so drawn to Jupiter and loved how it dominated the night sky for so many weeks......until Venus came back around.  Suddenly Jupiter was dull in comparison.  During the next few weeks we got to watch as the two planets moved closer and closer together until they were nearly side by side.  It was an amazing site to observe.  At the same time Mars was glowing redder than I have ever seen it.  Even though we did not see Saturn this time, it could be seen in the early evening sky.  Five of the nine planets, including Earth, all visible at the same time.  It really made our solar system seem small in the vast universe!!

We also witnessed some amazing views of our moon this winter!


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