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Monday, August 23, 2010


Carter has been interested in golf for a long time but has never really done more than hit balls around the yard. This summer, Jeff bought him a set of golf clubs and got serious about teaching him the game. Even when the weather got too hot for most of us to stand being out in it, Carter would spend hours hitting golf balls around the yard. After hitting in the yard with Carter a few times, Jeff decided to take him to a course for a real game. Carter loved it so much that Jeff enrolled him in a 3 day camp with a private instructor. It was SO hot out there, but Carter had so much fun and learned so much.

I love watching Carter learn new sports. He loves to be active and is so willing to learn. I would love to see all of my children interested in sports but will never force them to do so. Madison will start back with her art in September, and Patrick is looking forward to more guitar lessons. Jeff and I decided years ago that we will let the kids decide what extra activities they want to do. It has been interesting to see how different they are from each other.


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